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Bayonne, Jersey 07002
United States

Butter Up is a company based on providing quality, handmade, natural hair and body butters, palmades, soaps, and oils.

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Who We Are...

ButterUp is a company based on providing quality, handmade, natural products.  Creators Dawn Haygood and LaShay Marion formed a likely friendship 7 years ago and through their love of natural hair and skin care ButterUp was born. After years of sharing their recipes and challenges of their natural hair and body journey with one another, they perfected a formula that can now be shared with the world!

As we grow the goal is to empower, encourage, and enlighten young women to the benefits of having a positive body image and the importance of being self sufficient by owning your own brand.

What We're Made Of...

The moisturizing, healing, and protecting benefits of Shea Butter can not be disputed, so it was the perfect base to build our product. We pride ourselves on the integrity of the supporting natural blends we use in our products. Everything we use is 100% naturally sourced and handmade in a clean and sterile environment.


I’m Dawn Haygood, co-founder of ButterUp. I am from Houston by way of Indiana. Even as a child I showed signs of becoming a business owner.  My mother recognized this passion in me early on as she watched me selling my toys at our family garage sale. Later she helped me print out and bind black and white drawings so I could start my coloring book company. So ever since I was a child my mother has supported my passion to become a business owner. 


Fast forward a couple decades, I was struggling with my natural hair transition because I suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis and couldn’t find a product that worked for me. My mother mixed together some natural essential oils in Shea Butter and the unique blend of ingredients helped tremendously.  Later on, it seemed like a perfect fit, when Lashay and I began to discuss the idea of having a Shea Butter based product line. Today, that product line is ButterUp and we have my mother to thank for her special recipe in our Rain’s Palm product.


My goals for ButterUp are to make products that truly enhance the health of our skin and hair. But look deeper, and you’ll see at the core of the ButterUp brand our passion to empower women by helping them to create a blueprint to their own greatness. I am a proud mother of the most hyper two-year old little girl and this sense of her own power is what I want for her too.


I’m LaShay Marion, co-founder of ButterUp. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon as the oldest in a blended family of 7. Being from Portland the idea of being eco friendly and using natural resources was part of everyday life. After relocating to New Jersey I was introduced to shea butter – to make a long story short I fell in love with it. My early love for natural resources came together with the awareness that there were recipes, butters, and oils, and a lot of unnatural products going on natural hair. I realized there was a community forming that I wanted to be a part of. It was becoming more about a lifestyle and values and not just about hair.  


Forming a friendship with Dawn and starting my natural hair journey jump-started the dream and ButterUp was born. There are things that I have loved since I was a child that are part of the Butter Up brand. Things like – attention to detail, cool packaging, and giving back and you’ll see these things throughout the company. 


My dream for ButterUp is to be a role model and mentor providing information and opportunities for girls, young women and women to embrace natural products. We’re always worried about what we are putting in our bodies. We want to make sure you are also investing in what you put on your bodies.